Pregnant basket

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A nice thought for the pregnant woman who needs care with a thoughtful composition.

The box contains Breastfeeding herbal tea with nourishing herbs as well as a vegan unscented mussel soap from Mellow mind with a bamboo washcloth, lavender bag with organically dried lavender, foot bath salt and a hand-sewn Liberty eye bag from Tutti Love.

The eye bag contains flaxseed, dried lavender and crystals such as rose quartz, unakit, tiger eye and Botswana agate. Crystals that are known to nurture love, self-care as well as demand transformation and power up to a birth. The eye bag can be warmed before use and used for a sore lower back or over the pubic bone in case of a heavy feeling during pregnancy.

Shipped in a nice mailbox with wood wool and tissue paper all around. Note: If you have several senders, please note all names in the comments field when ordering, so it will be noted on / from the card.