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Winter children - Dea Trier Mørch

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Winter children take place in the maternity ward at Rigshospitalet around New Year 1975. Here, vastly different women's destinies are intertwined. They come from different parts of society, from different family relationships and with different values. But in the hospital, the differences are eliminated, they are dressed in one's hospital shirts and all have equal difficulty sleeping in the cool hospital night.

Winter Children is a book that tells about a certain place at a certain time - Rigshospitalet in the winter of 1975-1976, but it also tells about something universal. It can be read both as a time picture and as a description of something universal.

Winter Children provides a picture of society in the mid-1970s from the point of view of women. But it is also a very realistic, warm and strong description of the feelings women have before, during and after childbirth.