Reinterpretation of the classic gift basket

With my reinterpretation of the classic gift basket, I hope to reach out to you with a sense of closeness and small subtleties. I think everyone loves to get a bouquet, but in the birthdays you often end up with many bouquets and therefore a birth basket can be a really great alternative to a new family.

Read on to learn more about some of the beautiful things we have included.

Raw rose quartz

Rose quartz is known to be a love stone that provides a soothing energy that quietly removes all negativity from the body. The loving energy can create better balance and sleep harmony, so I recommend placing the stone in the bedroom. The rose quartz stones Paradés delivers in the baskets are extracted from Bahia in Brazil and are quite deliberately chosen raw and unpolished, as they are most beautiful.


Nourishing oils from Urtegaarden

Rosehip seed oil - the care basket

Urtegaarden's cold-pressed, organic rosehip seed oil is a 100% natural and pure vegetable oil without additives. The oil can be used directly on the skin and in the hair and is perfect to massage into the skin using the Guasha stone.

Rosehip seed oil is an obvious choice for the care of the face, eye area and lips. Organic rosehip seed oil works, i.a. due to the high content of the essential omega-3 fatty acid, alpha-linolenic acid, omega-6 fatty acid, linoleic acid and retinoic acid, which is a type A vitamin A, regenerating, firming, healing and cell renewal.

Ingredients: 100% organic rosehip seed oil. Made by cold pressing seeds from organic rose hips (Rosa canina).

Organic baby oil

The organic baby oil is rich in essential fatty acids that care for the skin and leave it naturally soft without being greasy. The skin is effectively protected from drying out and kept supple and elastic. Distributed on slightly moist skin and is extremely suitable for massaging both mother and baby.
Thistle oil ECO, apricot kernel oil ECO, vitamin E, soybean oil
Contains 99% organic ingredients.
Every time Urtegaarden sells an organic baby oil, Mødrehjælpen is supported with DKK 5. The money goes to the work of supporting and advising pregnant women and families with children in Denmark

Urtegaarden's baby ointment containing Lanolin

Dry and nourishing ointment rich in essential fatty acids that care for the skin and leave it soft. The ointment forms a protective film that protects against external influences. So both a red butt and irritated skin can be prevented and relieved.

The skin's natural moisture level is maintained and the skin barrier is strengthened. In addition to being good for dry and sensitive skin, it can also be used for sore nipples and relieve wounds and cracks.

Water, lanolin, almond oil ECO, hemp oil ECO, molasses alcohol, benzoin resin

31% organic ingredients excl. water.

Every time Urtegaarden sells a baby ointment, Mødrehjælpen is supported with DKK 5. The money goes to the work of supporting and advising pregnant women and families with children in Denmark.

Local honey from Bistad

I knew that honey should be part of the baskets and I am very happy to have entered into a partnership with the social economic company Bistad, which has hives around East Jutland. Bistad was started from the idea of combining social work with beekeeping and also creating a honey without the use of pesticides.


Honey has many benefits besides the taste. It is rich in antioxidants and its anti-inflammatory properties can of help mild eczema, rosacea and psoriasis-prone skin. It can also heal tears and wounds and has a bactericidal effect due to the low water content of honey and the organic acids that inhibit and kill bacteria.
At the same time, honey can help with colds. Just do not heat the honey above 40 degrees as it destroys the enzymes in the honey that inhibit and kill bacteria. Let the milk or tea stand until the temperature has dropped to 40 degrees, or enjoy a clean teaspoon of honey, let it melt on the tongue and slowly slide down into the sore throat.
In some places you also practice what is called honey massage. You apply a thin layer of liquid honey to the skin, possibly softening some honey with a few drops of boiling water. By massaging and gently dabbing on the skin, all pores are cleansed. Reportedly, it should give a very clean and soft skin afterwards.

Bistad honning

Organic and recyclable cotton products

In several of the baskets you can find the softest bamboo washcloths as well as organic and recyclable cotton bandages. The bandages can be used both for light bleeding in the postpartum period and for light incontinence, which many women experience after childbirth. At the same time, they can also be used as pain relief after childbirth by making them wet and putting them in the freezer so that they can be used as ice bandages. Feel free to place a washcloth between your abdomen and the ice bandage and experience a cooling effect after sewing or normal birth soreness.

The products come from Bamboolik - a socially responsible company in the Czech Republic that employs single mothers and mothers with young children who are usually excluded from the labor market as they do not have the opportunity to work full time. The majority of employees work part-time, which also applies to the employees in the sheltered workshops, where the majority of the production takes place and is handled by people on the edge of the labor market. At the same time, Bamboolik is trying to focus on the importance of recyclable products at a time when we still have far too many disposable products that create far too much waste. They have won numerous awards for their social commitment as well as focus on ecology and sustainable principles.
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Bambus vaskeklud

The herbal teas

A hot cup of tea can create peace around one, especially when drinking a tea with selected herbs that are known for their effect on the body. Read below what kind of teas you can find in our basket.

All the teas in our basket must be prepared as follows:

10 g herbs per. liters of boiling water.Traction time: 10 minutes.

Balance herbal tea

Balance tea has a delicious and sour taste with notes of late summer. Perfect for a quiet and charging moment without outside influences.

Enjoy a bit of the balance of nature inside yourself as you drink this warming and refreshing tea. You get golden and fruity rose hips with a poetic touch of heather on a spicy bed of fennel.
Balance is when one is energetic without being over-geared, happy without being ecstatic and relaxed without being sluggish.
Rose hips, dandelion root, heather flower, juniper, fennel seeds, cumin, coriander, celery root, walnut leaves

Breastfeeding herbal tea
For many generations, breastfeeding women have been drinking tea mixed according to various recipes. A hot cow tea gives peace of mind in the body. In this tea there is Anise and fennel seeds, which support the production of breast milk. Cumin supports breastfeeding, while dill seeds help maintain a mammary gland function.
Milk production takes place at night and therefore it may be beneficial to drink a cup of breastfeeding before bedtime.
Lucerneurt, stinging nettle, thyme, raspberry leaves, anise, fennel seeds, dill seeds, cumin

Rest on herbal tea
Discover the delicious and blissful scent of lemon balm, peppermint and lavender flower. Dal then relaxed down again with the spicy taste of fennel seeds, stonewort and hawthorn on the hind tongue. Feel how a heavenly calm sinks throughout your body.
Joy of the heart, peppermint, stonewort, fennel seeds, hawthorn, shepherd's bag, lavender flower, yarrow.
Himmelsk urtete
Balance urte